19 Yenakart - Eatery & Garden

What's up

Creatively combining a lush garden setting with multifunctional facilities and bespoke services, 19 Yenakart offers a hideout in the heart of Sathorn for all kinds of occasions and celebrations.

From intimate family gatherings to corporate events and exclusive culinary showcases, we'll host, curate, and cater for your next unforgettable event.

The seamless design blends the great outdoors with great facilities and services, including a 200 square-meter terrace, Glasshouse Bar and Dining Room, fully functional kitchen, and on- and off-site parking with valet service.

We also provide extensive food and beverage package deals, in-house catering, and bespoke dining experience.

For more information, get in touch:
Call us: 08 7765 1919
Add us on LINE: @19yenakart
Email us: [email protected]

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