Bangkok Island

What's up

A mobile event space , The Island is bound to be ready by December 2018. With 4 floors uniquely decorated, 2 stages and a 320 people capacity the Island is set to create something truly different on the Bangkok nightlife scene. We are looking to create. host and entertain all music style and walks of life.

It took Yuval Schwok father of the Bangkok Island years of tenacity to create his dream : transform a Thai metal barge into a music venue and event space.

Plagued with Administrative red tape Bangkok Island did take 4 years to finish. That was the epilogue of a 10 years dream. It is now real and docked inside Bangkok Central business district hosting regular concerts, wedding and more. Follow us on Instagram and have a look at the old photos to find out the extend of the work. Do not hesitate to contact us or comment on this page to share your views.