Speedy Grandma Gallery

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"Speedy Grandma" is an independent art space in Bangkok. We devote for an experimental ideas and practices, search for a possible intersection of arts. Our granny truly believes in a transformative power of art, youthful spirit, and non-hierarchical relationship; Art should not be condemned to an isolated or exclusive universe, so our main mission is to advocate for the dynamic and critical role of art in the society. We see the experiment as a mode of inquiry is necessary if we are to insist on a constant, probing and generous interaction with reality. If you are having any daring and risk-taking idea, and believe we could collaborate, just contact us; the granny with a restless soul is always available for you. *The name “Speedy Grandma” was from an urban ghost legend. A Grandma riding a motorbike in Bangkok was cut in two pieces by a string stretched in a small street. The legend says that if anyone rides too fast in that small street, he will see in his wing mirror the upper half Grandma’s body crawling after his vehicle… As an urban legend can be spread out quickly, the “Speedy Grandma” space aims at popularising art and intend to promote a new generation of talented and ambitious artists. The name also reveals the character of the team, quirkly

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