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BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY seeks the excellence, supports the emergence, and encourages the potential. Open to all forms of artistic creation, the gallery combines the intrinsic qualities of form, information, and transformation into art production which serves multiple objectives of art as advocacy.

The dedicated exhibition-making is informed by engaged conversations, research methods, and artistic languages rooted in the characteristic iteration of preeminent artists. Not only serving as an exhibitionary space, the production site is determined to propose new concepts, subjectivities, and social imaginaries through collaborations. The gallery endeavours to work with emerging practitioners of multidisciplinary fields to delineate connections of human experiences which are not only apprehended through perceptions but grasped through sensations. Envisioning a coming future, the spirit of youth is also a focal point of the artistic inventions promoted by the gallery; with team support, young practitioners with their great potentialities are encouraged to realize their capacities in a long term.

Founded by Akapol Op Sudasna and Supamas Phahulo in 2015, situated in the heart of Bangkok city, BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY has fused conversations, communities, and pluralities of contemporary culture into a hybrid of commercial gallery and project space.

In 2016, in partnership with studio 150, BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY co-founded Bangkok Art Book Fair.

In 2018, the gallery founded OPEN FIELD, a non-profit organization, to support knowledge production and contemporary culture. Ghost:2561 is the first initiative supported by OPEN FIELD.

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