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@Bon Galleria Art Gallery @BONGALLERIA open up the opportunities to artists and youths in the field of art and culture offering a stage to exhibiting and presenting variety of arts. Also it acts as a small community with many artistic & cultural activities that everyone can easily join in. It helps redefine Bon Marche’ to become a place that artistically serve customers while, also, support the community in building the new tastes in social living of people. Objectives - The exhibition space for art and culture and other related form of arts. - The place that artists and designers of related field meet to build a small community that shares the common interest. - The stage for youths and students to exhibit their works which includes painting, visual arts, sculpture, print art, and others. - The area for art & cultural activities which offers a more contemporary, less complex arts that people can easy understand or easy to relate to. - Support and bring the social living tastes to the community. Visitors 1. The customers of Bon Marché Market Park, mainly families of different ages, which come to shop and enjoy the day in Bon Marché and look for space and place that is more enjoyable while spending the day. 2. Publics who enjoy art and culture and looking for temporary art in an approachable form, within the unique atmosphere of Market Park. Venue Building E , Bon Marché Market Park (between foodcourt and Café Au Lac) Total in building area = 200 s.q.m. and second floor terrace area = 72 s.q.m. Contact @Bon Galleria Open everyday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 pm (Closed on Monday and public holidays ) E104 Bon Marché Market Park 105/1 Tesabansongkroah Rd. Lardyao Jatuchak Bangkok 10900 Phone: 0-2158-0186 Web: www.bonmarche.co.th Email: [email protected]

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