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Art Consulting Thailand is a one-stop art consultancy agency based in Bangkok. We provide a wide scope of solutions, tools and services related to art, design, and interiors, including artistic direction, project management, digital and academic content production. We are focused on serving industries such as hospitality, property development, and real estate, by supplying organizations with connections to local and international artists and designers. We source, buy, and commission art and manage the relationships between artists and designers and various stakeholders in the arts and design. Our mission is to identify the best art for interior designers. To achieve this goal, we have developed and are monitoring Silapix.com, the first online platform to connect directly with artists. Anyone desiring to enhance an environment with exceptional art, at a fair price, can browse thousands of artworks, find creative ideas, select great artists, and contact them directly. Whatever your needs, we will help you to conceptualize, monitor, and manage your project through to completion.

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