Adhere 13th blues bar

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Blues barAdhere the 13th on Samsen Banglumpoo is a Bangkok juke joint, every bit as broken as the voodoo lounges of the Big Easy – cracked old Teak boards stained by too many floods, flickering blue neons, Thai branded whisky and home made guitars. I've played there with Nigel Richard to a polyglot bunch of travellers and renegades, out in the heat, while along the road an all night vigil celebrated the power of the people. Resident guitarist Bong, between his sets on a beautiful Thai made stratocaster, said our music took him back to his village in the countryside of North East Thailand. How does that happen? Two celtic guitar players adrift amongst this seething life, take a skilled blues man back to the rice fields of his youth, half a world from where either of us were born… Is it humanity? The beating hearts we all carry, wherever on this small green blue speck we come from? Cut those connectons and something deeply important in us withers and dies. Here, at Adhere the 13th, among the high moon waters and plank walkways the connections fill the hollows and line the lanes – feeling something very like joy.