Tuesday - Earth Paints with Annie

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Mindful Malleable’s with🌜The Wonder Garden🌛

Earth Paints with Annie

Nature is the original paintbox, and with a little bit of work, kids can extract the color and transfer it to paper. In this class, we will make beautiful and earthy natural paints and a set of nature paintbrushes. All the materials are sourced from nature and can be used in the workshop or brought home with you for another time.

This activity combines nature with art, all while providing kids with a satisfying sensory and gross motor experience!

Workshops are 700b each and all materials will be provided. Parents are welcome to join.

The workshop is lead by Annie who is a Kindergarten Teacher and has qualifications in Art Education, Children’s Yoga, Mindfulness and Outdoor Learning.

The Wonder Garden
‘Wisdom Starts With Wonder’