We are looking for musicians & exhibitors!

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Have you seen the artistic profiles already uploaded on BangkokHaps?

Our website is part of Live Promotions,co.ltd, a media, marketing and artistic agency. We have agents whose roles are suggesting artists to venues, restaurants, festivals. Even though the whole city is pretty quiet in these Covid-19 times, you want to be ready for when it will wake up!

So make sure your profile is on BangkokHaps.com for our team to know about your project! Maybe send an email to polor@bangkokhaps.com with more info about your rates, conditions, and setlists :) Hopefully, you'll be the perfect artists for our upcoming clients.

And, please, while stuck at home, make some music, make some art. If you're a Bangkok-based artists planing a live stream broadcast, know that we'd be happy to crosspost or share your video.

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