We Are Looking for Musicians & Artists!

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Have you seen the artistic profiles already uploaded on BangkokHaps?

Our website is part of Live Promotions,co.ltd, a media, marketing and artistic agency. We have agents whose roles are suggesting and selling artists to venues, restaurants, festivals. Even though the whole city is pretty quiet in these Covid-19 times, you want to be ready for when it will wake up!

We are looking for solo artists, duo, indie bands, covers & originals, thai singers, painters, dancers, magicians...

Make sure your profile is on BangkokHaps.com for our team to know about your project! Send an email to [email protected] with more info about your rates, conditions, and setlists :) Hopefully, you'll be the perfect artists for our upcoming clients.

And, please, while stuck at home, make some music, make some art. If you're a Bangkok-based artists planing a live stream broadcast, know that we'd be happy to crosspost or share your video.

See you soon,

Polo Ruesz for Live Promotions
[email protected]
LineID: poloruesz