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Maybe you find yourself bored at home?

Maybe you've already been through the 7 artistic activities you can do while being stuck at home?

Why not write an article about what you love? We want to welcome anyone who would enjoy sharing their passion about anything artistic and/or related to Bangkok.

You want to take a bit of your time and write about an experience of yours? 

Topics should remain around the arts, the music, the great city of Bangkok. Poetry, testimonials, auto-interviews, use which ever way, but share it with us! ;)

Please send your text + a few pictures to [email protected] Or directly via our facebook page.


Out of ideas? Here's a list of topics we'd love to know more about. 

  • Food Waste in Bangkok
  • Cigars & Cigar Bars
  • Top music studios in Bangkok.
  • Top music schools in Bangkok.
  • Top music shops in Bangkok.
  • Top musical sound systems stores.
  • Top photo studios in Bangkok.
  • Art studies in Thailand.
  • Top cinema studios.
  • Behind the camera : Thai movie directors
  • Acting in Thailand : Casting studios, how to get noticed by agencies.
  • Vinyl digging in Thailand.
  • Most famous Thai visual artists.
  • Theatre in Thailand. 
  • Bangkok’s street musicians
  • Bangkok’s street artists
  • Circus in Thailand
  • The Architectural masterpieces of Bangkok.
  • Cover bands and painting reproductions, the art of copying in Thailand.
  • The importance of Gold in Thai historical pieces.
  • Owning Nightclubs in Bangkok
  • The history of Royal City Avenue (RCA) / Patpong… how party places became what they are.
  • Thai phrasebook for the visiting musician (What is this instrument ? What time does the band start ? Do you have any music on Spotify ?…)
  • Thai phrasebook for the Art lover. (Who is this artist ? What do you think of this one ? Can i take a picture ?… )
  • Reggae / Electronic Music / Classical music or whatever genre focus in Thailand.
  • The influence of traditional music in today’s thai music.
  • Thai Broadway Musicals and where to find them.
  • What Thai songs are about.
  • Thai music instruments
  • International touring when you are a Thai indie Band
  • The Thai Music Market
  • The most promising thai bands.
  • What Radio stations to listen in Bangkok ? List all radios and what is their main subject.
  • You’re the artist : Karaoke in Thailand
  • You’re the artist : Best clubs to show your dancing moves.
  • You’re the artist : Open mics in Bangkok
  • Stand-up comedians in Bangkok
  • People in the dark : Jobs of the Entertainment industry : Sound Engineers / Make-up Artists / Visual FX supervisor / ...
  • Massage music : how music helps you relax ?

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