Bangkok Music City - BMC 2020

What's up

‘Bangkok Music City’ or ‘BMC’ is Thailand’s first music conference and showcase festival, which its inaugural event was held between 1-3 November 2019 with the music conference held at TCDC Bangkok in the Chareonkrung area, aka ‘The Creative District‘ while 8 showcase stages were hosted in venues scattered around the area. 

BMC was co-founded by Fungjai - a music platform, media, event organizer and marketing agency; and NYLON Thailand - a media, publishing and event organizing company. Both companies are deeply involved in the local music scene of Thailand and understand its potential to become one of the nation’s economic drivers. With a strong tourism industry that still has much room to grow, music can be incorporated by applying ‘music tourism’ and ‘music city’ strategies to ensure the sustainable development of the market.

Project Purposes:

  1. Establish Thailand as a world-class music tourism destination;
  2. Create a global platform for Thai and Southeast Asian musical artists;
  3. Encourage international music business connections; and
  4. Support the sustainable development of both Thailand and the region’s music industry.

More details about the 2020's edition in the near future...

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