FSS Presents: A Shift In Paradigm (by Mar Jefferson Go) @ Live Lounge

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Freshly Squeezed Sounds Presents...


The latest art exhibition by Mar Jefferson Go, accompanied by Original Live Music and Spoken Word performances on stage.


🍋 Artist Mar Jefferson Go's stunning new collection of works "A Shift In Paradigm" will be unveiled at Live Lounge Bkk on December 6th, in collaboration with Freshly Squeezed Sounds. The collection of artwork will be on sale and remain at Live Lounge Bkk from December 6th - March 6th 2020.

🍋 Musicians from the Freshly Squeezed Sounds collective make their long awaited return to the Live Lounge stage, presenting a musical accompaniment to Mar's incredible Art Exhibition. Including performances by:

Sao MoonlightGypsy

⚬ Jennifer Läckgren (of Jenny & The Scallywags)

I Play Alone

🍋 In addition to the Live Music and the exhibition of Mar's artwork, wordsmith extraordinaire Pablo Leroy Jenkonius (a.k.a 0. jnknslry .0) will deliver a special poem to mark the occasion.


ARTIST’S STATEMENT (Mar Jefferson Go):

‘A Shift in Paradigm’ is a transition art show from Mar Jefferson Go’s first art exhibition, ‘Nuance’, to his latest art series – a collection of artworks inspired by stories of people that show that it is possible to live a good life amid chaotic and difficult situations.

From the story of a 16th-century philosopher who wrote life-affirming, humanist essays during a dark French period to the story of a young couple who did everything they could to protect their eight children and survive a life of poverty.

These works and stories aspire to be a reminder to its audience that even though life seems out of control oftentimes, we must not give up on any effort to try and live a good life — in whatever way that means.


Artist Bio (Mar Jefferson Go)

Mar holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts, from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines. Currently, he is based in Bangkok, Thailand, where he works full-time as an art director for a magazine publication company.

Mar is very passionate in visual arts, particularly in painting and illustration. He had his very first art exhibit in November - December 2018, at The Company Bangkok. His art style is

mostly figurative with subject matter that involves expression of emotion through combination of portraiture and natural elements.

Website: marjeffersongo.com

IG: @boatpaperplane

FB: @marjeffersonart

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