High Jinks III

What's up

High Jinks is an engaging experience featuring different acts designed to either tickle your funny bone or make you gasp in wonder. Join us each month at Arcadia's rooftop for an evening of stand-up comedy, intervals of hilarity and unpredictable give-aways. Complimenting the show are an array of tasty cocktails, excellent craft beer, chilled kratom sodas and a variety of strains to smoke, all sold at Arcadia.In short, High Jinks is a show that will delight you and surround you with a community of people you want to spend more time with.Expected FAQsWho is hosting? Usually Christy the ComedianWho are the acts? These will rotate monthly and comedians will be performing their top jokes and or tricks (it's not an open mic).But who is performing in this one? Coming to find out is part of the fun. Also, maybe next time you go to see a movie don't watch the trailer beforehand. Welcome surprises.What do you mean by "intervals of hilarity"? This is part of the "much more."What will you be giving away? This will vary from show to show.How much? Presale 300 baht dm me / 400 baht at doorWill you really start at 8 PM? Of course

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