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Heartbreak Land

Welcome to Heartbreak Land where broken hearts come to mend. Did you know

that Valentine's Day started when Emperor Claudius I| of Rome executed two men,

both named Valentine, on February 14th of different years in the 3rd century A.D.? So

much for romance.In the true spirit of Emperor Claudius II, we have painstakingly created three floors of

interactive experiences, all in the name of saying 'fuck you' to this day that celebrates

consumerism in the name of love. Don't worry, no one will be executed.Whether you're going through a break up, forever alone, or even happily in love, we

got something for everyone. As you enter the venue, you will quickly learn that this is

no ordinary party. We will transform this space into 6 different experiences, each one

carefully crafted to guide you through a healing journey to mend your broken heart.If that's not enough, there will be a male strip show, Magic Mike style, at the end of

the evening. Who needs a date on Valentine's Day when you can come and

transcend with us instead?To release all your anger, sadness, and frustrations...Someone's Chopping Onions!

Sometimes all you need is a good, hard cry. Can't get the waterworks going? We got

you. Depressing music, tough love, even some chopped onions in a dimly lit room all

by yourself..just let the tears flow.The Dungeon

Maybe you just need a willing victim to take all the physical and verbal abuse you can

give. Here, we've found someone for you to scream, insult, abuse and humiliate all

you want. Or perhaps you're the one who needs to be punished. Whether you're

more of a dom or a sub, we've got something for everyone. Be your worst self. What

happens in this room, stays in this room. Guiltfree, no judgement.Smash Your Heart Out

There's nothing more therapeutic than getting wasted, (signing a waiver), picking up

a weapon of your choice, and destroying some shit. Come and experience the best

rage room in town. We have a plethora of items big and small for your smashing

pleasure. Or you can bring something near and dear to your ex's black heart and pay

a small smashing fee to simply use the facilities. We can even print out a photo of

their narcissistic face to complete that sweet revenge fantasy.To be comforted, quided, and healed...Not Even Remotely Qualified Therapy

Everyone could use some therapy, but a good therapist costs a fortune. Our solution?

Why not try talking to our much cheaper, less (not) qualified, most likely drunk

therapist instead? Madame Rouge herself will sit and listen to you rant, give you sage

advice, and offer some words of wisdom from her years of experience in this game

we call love.Cuddle Puddle

Who doesn't love the gentle caress of an attractive stranger? Do you crave affection?

Do you want to lay on the lap of a gorgeous man or woman who will pet you and

stroke your back while whispering sweet nothings to you? Once you crawl inside this

comfy cuddle nook, you will be welcomed by Madame Rouge's sexy dancers (male

and female). You'll feel so loved, you may never want to leave.Let The Spirits Guide You

Perhaps your broken heart has caused you to lose faith in mere mortals and would

prefer to listen to the divine knowledge from another realm. Our spiritual medium can

interpret your cards and offer you guidance on your journey to finding love, but even

more importantly, self love.


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