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AustraliaTEN TENORSThursday, 29 September, 7 PMDurationPart I: 50 minutesPart II: 50 minutesIntermission: 20 minutesTicket price: 5,000/4,000/3,000/2,500/1,800Amidst incredible international success, these phenomenal tenors accompanied by a band that excitingly blends rock and classical styles is one of the greatest musical touring acts in the world. Performing an average of 250 shows per year across multiple continents, they have sold more than four million concert tickets, racked up four gold and two platinum CDs, and released a couple of popular DVDs.All that hoopla led to an appearance on Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure. Touring in support of their 10th-anniversary album, a pair of discs titled Double Platinum, the TEN Tenors are crowd-pleasers, inspiring favourable comparisons to Queen and Meatloaf with their original and compelling take on rock endowed with classical music embellishments. Or, put a snazzier way: classical that really rocks.

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