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The biggest selling Classical - Crossover pianist in the worldWednesday, 14 September, 7 PMDurationPart I: 33 minutesPart II: 38 minutesIntermission: 20 minutesTicket price: 4,000/3,000/2,500/2,000/1,800A global icon of substance and style, Croatian-born Maksim Mrvica is one of the best-selling classical-crossover pianists in history, with an MTV Award, a double-platinum album and even the title of Best Dressed Man by Vogue Homme under his belt.Having won first prizes in the National Competition in Croatia and the Rubinstein Piano Competition in France, Mrvica signed with record label EMI and his album “Piano Player” sold more than 4 million copies. Among his resume of global performances is a 20-city tour of Japan that was considered the largest ever for an international musician.His music style has broken down the boundaries between music genres, from classical and movie music, to pop and electronic. And his personal style has led to collaborations with houses such as Dolce&Gabbana and Christian Dior.

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