Jazz Vintage at Freaking Out The Neighborhood

What's up

We're taking a look back at our favorite vintage jazz albums from Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans and more._What are we?

We are an alternative listening bar & music merch store with HAVE YOU HEARD? Records corner.We wanted to create a place where people could come and really listen to music, artist spend a lot of energy creating, crafting and curating an album, we want to appreciate the whole thing as it was meant to be heard.

We’re not just a cocktail bar our love is music so we keep our drinks simple and affordable so you can keep coming back for the music.


Because the music is loud doesn’t mean you have to be loud, we want everyone to be able to appreciate the music.


Reservation is recommended, message us at http://m.me/freakingout.bkk


We have very limited parking, but we’re walking distance from BTS Thonglor (400m)*Don’t be like us, don’t freak out the neighbors, keep it down outside please

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