Open Mic Jam with Fiffi & Friends

What's up

Join us for this weeks Open Mic Jam

The absolutely fabulous Fiffi will be hosting shes basically a combination of a red power ranger and a pink power ranger, with the help of Simon 'the levitator' Leong (who is more than able to make the room levitate with his chops), Miraculous Matt Ralph on bass - if you're lucky enough he'll be sporting the famous singlet headband combo, and Kitti 'no barriers' Bronco who takes his guitar licks to a place where borders do not exist - this combination of humans hold the cure to all of the worlds suffering.This is an open mic that welcomes all genres of music and performing arts.

Solo performances are welcome / band performances are welcome / spoken word artists / beat makers / experimental noise artists / avant-garde, up to you.

Come on over and perform or simply enjoy the performances and our hospitality as an audience member!All musicians are welcome, whether it be to improvised, originals or covers, beginner or master, solo or full band. Bring along your instruments and/or other sound making devices (which includes your built in vocal box) and come make some vibrations.FREEEEE ENTRY

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