SBF 2022 - Salsa Bangkok Fiesta

What's up


Join SALSA BANGKOK FIESTA 2022 from 4-6 November in Bangkok, Thailand!!!


After 2 years of missing dancing, it is time to reconnect with each other.


We are known for one of the most fun and friendliest Salsa Festivals in Asia, the longest running in S.E.Asia.


Everyone is welcome...let's meet old friends and make more new ones.


Featured Artists:

Federico & Anna from Italy

Nestor & Rebecca from Australia

Morenasso & Patricia from Angola & Portugal

Mari Yogo from Japan

Ryoko O'Hara from Japan

Ngoc Nam - Bich Ngoc & Spring Pro Team from Vietnam

Reyno from Indonesia

Georgina Woods from Australia

Sergio Cabrera Arismendi from Australia

Evaldo Ceita from Luxembourg

and more to come!!Stay tuned for more updates

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