CAT EXPO 2022 - Thai Indie Music Festival

What's up

CAT EXPO 2022 is back.

26-27 February 2022

With over 100+ shows, Cat expo is the main event for all indie thai bands.

Line up, as of now, includes :

Safeplanet, Ink Waruntorn, Nont Tanont, Violette Wautier, Mew Suppasit, BNK48, The Toys, Mean, Anatomy Rabbit, Mirrr, Dept, Bowkylion, Dome Pakorn Lam, Flure, Earth Patravee, Sky Wongravee & Janchan, Greasy Cafe, Temp, Max Jennmana, Mints, Gungun, Hens, Hugo, NA T., Pretzelle, Singto Numchok, Slur, Stoic, The Parkinson, Moving and Cut, Luss, Stoondio, Zommarie, Slot Machine, Morvasu, Zweed n' roll, Yented, Scrubb, Stamp, Silly Fools, Last Idol, UrboyTJ, Ice Paris, Serious Bacon, Polycat, What & Dolph, Zentrady, Inspirative....

Tickets are 1,200THB

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