FAB Meetup Vol.21

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Let's catch up with the next generation of performing arts at FAB Meetup vol. 21. Please mark your calendar and join our party and talk on November 6th, 10:00 -12:30 at FabCafe X TCDC!

For registration —> https://forms.gle/yFYtMq7HhAPiR2rt9You are all welcome to join Networking session organized by BIPAM- Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting for upcoming collaboration project from 1 PM onward -naka![What is FAB Meetup?]

A diverse background Meetup event for creators who would like to share their ideas and projects. This Venue is open to all nationalities and people who don't even know about Fabrication! Don't worry! For us, "What do you want to make" is the most important thing.


SAT 6 NOV 2021

10 - 12:30 PM

Talk session1:30-4:30 PM

BIPAM Networking session[FAB SPEAKER]


Freaklab, Thailand,


Pichet Klunchun Dance CompanyLAMTHARN HANTRAKUL

AI Research Scientist, TikTok

Ex-Google AI ResidentFree event

More information will be up soon


Please stay tuned!

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