PRICELESS exhibition by Surajate Tongchua

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An exhibition by Surajate Tongchua

Curated by Lyla Phimanrat

25 September - 5 December 2021

At Manycuts Artspace l Ari

Manycuts Artspace invites you to join us on the latest venture of our humble space. On this occasion, Manycuts Artspace is opening a new home right in the middle of Bangkok in Soi Ari area at our new branch called Manycuts Artspace I Ari. To celebrate the new space, we are proud to present the exhibition PRICELESS by Surajate Tongchua an emerging artist from Chiangmai. The exhibition will be on view from, September 25th, 2021 through December 5th, 2021.

PRICELESS is a result of a long process of Surajate Tongchua which he commenced in May 2014. Then it took another seven years to complete and became this exhibition PRICELESS presented at Manycuts Artspace I Ari. The milestone where this set of artworks departed returns back to the date when the latest coup d'état was staged in Thailand that year.

Not only does PRICELESS exhibition presents economic evaluation mathematically, but it also refers to lives, opportunities, rights, and freedoms that are deprived from Thai people since the junta’s regime started in 2014. Surajate connects his personal experiences to Thai politics and social context in order to portray the perspectives of a Thai citizen. At the same time, such personal experiences are contextually weaved into collective experiences through which everyone shares during the passing seven years.

This series of work emerged from preservation, collection, distribution, assembling, storytelling, and revaluing uneconomic value. On the day of the coup in Thailand, Surajate began to preserve and collect receipts of his personal and family’s daily expenses. The receipts witnessing those expenses were transformed by a shredder; they were transformed into pieces of paper. The values either high or low that were once recorded into paper are all deconstructed and destroyed completely. This exhibition features two bodies of the work, the work on canvas and sculpture made of pieces of primary school textbook papers and Chinese newspapers.

When viewing artworks, audiences could have seen abstract artworks, or else they could have seen the mechanism of the huge amount of values as a part of economic mechanism. Not only do Surajate’s artworks invite audiences to think about economic values to which we and our country loosed along with democracy during such period of times, but also invite us to retrospect our derived costs, values, opportunities, rights and freedoms, and lives that are incalculable by any economic index.

PRICELESS exhibition by Surajate Tongchua will be on view from September 25th through December 5th, 2021. For more information, please contact and make an appointment to visit at Facebook page manycuts.ari or call 084-3881488.

About the artist

Surajate Tongchua was born in 1986 in Bangkok. He received a bachelor's degree in printing from the Faculty of Fine Art, Chiangmai University in 2010. Nowadays, he works and lives in Chiangmai. Surajate is known as a multidisciplinary artist. He is interested in accounting relationships of space, human, environment, and history. Some of his previous exhibitions include, for example, THE WRIST HAS BEEN INJURED at Kubar in Bangkok (in 2020), For one Meal a Meal at Numthong Art Spa in Bangkok (2017), Size Space at Tatu Art Space in Bangkok (2014), ART FOR AIR at Chiangmai Art and Culture Gallery at Chiangmai (2021), St.a.bility by The Bubble Art Group at CU Art 4C in Bangkok (2020), The end is now, now is here at SAC Gallery in Bangkok (2020), Painnale Art Festival 2018 (Lost Map) in Chiangmai (2018).

About the curator

Lyla Phimanrat was born in 1986 in Bangkok. She received a bachelor degree in English and linguistics from Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University (2008). She is the founder of Lyla Gallery at Chiangmai. The gallery was aimed to present Thai contemporary art by collaborating with both established and rising artists. Nowadays she is the permanent curator and the director of Manycuts Artspace. Socio-political and sensitive issues are main topics in her curatorial practice.

About Manycuts Artspace

Manycuts Artspace was founded in 2017 with the purpose to provide an art space in Chachoengsao province. It was collaboratively founded by those who love arts, scholars, students, and artists in order to show temporary exhibitions by both artists in Chachoengsao and contemporary artists from other places as well as to be a space for exchanging opinions on social, local, and art and culture issues. In 2021, Manycuts Artspace opens another space in Ari area located in the middle of Bangkok. It still aims at driving contemporary art by continuing to push and present highly qualified art works.

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