Fingers Crossed by 2Choey

What's up

2CHOEY is a street artist known for his signature character “Fingies,” a naughty hand that always picks up issues or problems in society. His distinct styles became well-known among Thai and international art lovers. Despite the fact that 2CHOEY is a well-known street artist who has had multiple exhibitions across the world, this is his first solo exhibition in Thailand!

The title of this exhibition is “Fingers Crossed,” which means “hoping for the best.” 2CHOEY began work on this collection of artworks while unable to do much because of the Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand. As a result, he continues working and drawing images in the hopes of being able to show this series when the situation improves.

His paintings appear to be his diary, capturing his stories and interests throughout COVID-19, such as people’s misfortunes, fast food culture, social unfairness, the environment, and social media. He narrates stories with his signature figures, “Fingies,” who recreate pop culture icons inside the framework of hands, fists, and fingers in his playful and unique style, combined with the sharp lines, basic but dimensional, and excellent piece organization that is characteristic of 2CHOEY.

Venue: RCB Artery, 1st floor, River City Bangkok

Free Admission

*River City Bangkok is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with strict preventive measures against Covid-19 and limitation of visitors inside all preview rooms.

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