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The Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) entered into an academic agreement with Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise and Protiotype Design Science Lab to create a space for exhibiting and promoting projects within the framework of the Pro Arch Lab project of the Faculty. PAL is closely working with its industry partners and students of the Faculty’s Architectural Intelligence and Design Thinking (AIDT) course in exchanging research results, promoting participation in sustainable economic and environmental research for megacities such as Bangkok.

PAL’s interest lies in the 'Protiotype House,' a Protiotype's project to design and build prototypes of next-generation ecological and technological agile buildings through the use of technologies, such as generative design, computational mathematics, modular building information modeling, and standardized interfaces for advanced manufacturing.

'Protiotype House' will be the subject matter of Protiotype's second annual Design Future Build event at JustCo Samyan Mitrtown, scheduled for February 2nd to coincide with Bangkok Design Week 2021. This will be the first time the project is revealed to the public. Design Future Build will feature: 

 ⦁ Panel discussion moderated by Protiotype's Thailand director Dana Blouin featuring Protiotype's network of international designers and architects and Asst Prof Dr. Antika Sawadsri from KMITL; 

 ⦁ Interactive XR showcase displays of component parts of the Protiotype House design; ⦁ Demonstrations of new products and services from PAL’s industry partners; 

 ⦁ Launching of the first issue of 'The Journal of Protiotype Design Science'; 

⦁ Fully-catered Design Future Build experience.

 The purpose of Design Future Build is to introduce PAL and KMITL’s AIDT to the wider Bangkok design community, to promote the Protiotype House project, and to discover Thai designers who may be interested to work with PAL according to its new standards for the manufacturing of ecological technological agile buildings to transform megacities, information of which Protiotype intends to publish to the public. All these will be discussed in The Journal of Protiotype Design Science which will be available tonight.

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