MAP STAR HERE. Worakun Sitthipochai

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MAP STAR HERE . วรคุณ สิทธิโพธิ์ไชย

April 10 - May 29, 2021

Speedy Grandma presents your secret favorite painter, Worakun Sitthipochai and his side quest, MAP STAR HERE.

TME 000, 2021.

Comet Trip.

Ache in the Finger Joint. Green Chair.

single moment. Losing Interested in pines. Soul Fuses. Object Gathering. Soul Spreads.

TME 001, 2021.

Take deep breath. Pitch. Blaze. Fractal Crash. Scene Devour.

TME M.G.S., 2021.

With the last checkpoint being three years ago, MAP STAR HERE is an archive of Worakun’s ongoing practice and the distance between each material moment.

Worakun Sitthipochai was born in 1997 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is currently completing his studies at Silpakorn University, faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. With an obsession with abstract imagery, Worakun is interested in the principles of creation which are universal and need not be bound to any specific concepts. His practice is a survey, a journey and a characterization through the process of drawing which then takes forms of objects, collages, paintings and installations.

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