Art Brut & Art Therapy Festival @ Outdoor School Bangkok

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“Respect the Diversities”

Diversity of Creative Art Activities, Exhibition, and Discussion.

Art Brut is ‘raw art’ in French, it is Art create by outsider artists or the artists that seek comfort in creating art by their own instinct as a habit and the habit became their communications of special abilities.

The art produced by non-professionals working outside aesthetic norms, such as art by psychiatric patients, people with learning or physical disabilities, and children.

Founded by artist Jean Dubuffet in 1945, Dubuffet felt that the simple life of the everyday human being contained more art and poetry than did academic art, or great painting.

In Thailand, the Art Brut was introduced by Japanese’s Borderless Art Museum NO-MA as a part of research funded by the Social Welfare Organization GLOW in 2015 which aim to discover Art Brut artist in south-east Asia and in 2016 first Thailand’s art Brut Artist participated in Japan’s ART BRUT FORUM.

Art Brut Thailand was continued with Self-Art and Borderless Museum Thailand by Art Therapist, Jumphol Chinnapraphat or teacher Pae for his students. Art Brut Thailand team are including professional artists, art professors, art teachers, and art therapists who grow slowly by organize a round of exhibitions and festival season yearly and discovered more and more Art Brut artists to participate.

For this special event with Outdoor School Bangkok, The Art Brut team would like to invite children, parents, teachers, staff, and the general public to join our creative diversity art activities space where we will communicate through art making processes.

The activities where we will marge in all differences of ages, cultures, abilities, personality, and all other things that we are not the same. Together by making art together we will be also creating a process of sharing, respecting, understanding, accepting, and appreciating each other.

Saturday 23rd Jan 2021, 10.00 – 12.001. See you again – The diversity of creativity, a multimedia art-making from the creative art pieces that have left behind. (painting and collage)2. Nice to meet you – The diversity of humanities, an art process facilitating by Art Brut artists, learn to create and comforting with the art-making process by co-operating with the familiar material that always comforting for our Art Brut Artists and the diversity guests, including people with learning disabilities and visual impairment.

Saturday 30th Jan 2021 – 10.00- 12.001. Meeting on Canvas – The diversity of All, join our paintbrush meeting on the canvas where we speak, shout, telling a story, discuss or whisper through our brushstroke, together we will create a piece of diversity document in the form of Art.2. Talk of diversity – The discussion on “Respect the Diversity” through creative processes.

Although the activities are free of charge you can donate to support us as you please.

If you are interesting please register for all activities as we need to prepare enough material for everyone.

Looking forward to having meeting with your Art.

Art Brut Thailand

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