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SuperFly BKK’s “Kinetic Poetic”, in collaboration with Tobias Ahlbrecht & JAM Cafe is proud to present "NEWMANSLAND - THE LIVING CANVAS", an evening of poetry, music & movement celebrating the exhibition "NOMANSLAND" at JAM.

Inspired by the exhibition artwork and its themes exploring mental health, self expression and cultural taboos, NEWMANSLAND will feature live multi-disciplinary collaborative creative performances to create an immersive interactive experience for both artists and audience alike. Past, present & future will combine in a single moment, as all are transformed through the artwork & performances

Joined by special guest Zarah Nguyen and a welcoming message from Jonny Rose

Gabriella Moriarty
Christy Lau
Damage Control
The Jade Empress
Rory Breaker-Morant

Marcia Benedicta Peschke
Project C Collaborative Happening Art for Creative Society

Bang Sue Electrix (Eclectic Poetic Set)


Exhibition dates: 28 August - 18 September 2020
Location: JAM
41 Soi Rong Nam Khaeng
Charoen Rat Soi 1

'NOMANSLAND' a photographic exhibition by Tobias Ahlbrecht at Jam, exploring mental illness, self expression and cultural taboos.

OPENING: 28th of August at 7pm - Midnight. With live music by psychedelic rock band, Pink Guns and Floyd Roses and a live ambient soundscape accompanying the exhibition by experimental sound artist, Paponpat Weerawit.


'Nomansland' is an ongoing photographic project by Tobias Ahlbrecht which was started in 2016. Tobias first got inspired to create the 'Nomansland'-project after a close friend told him about her feelings of depression. Trying to explore her emotions through experimentations with photography, they realised that the intimate quality of nude-photography, as a medium that removes all layers of artificial defence, helped her to better reflect upon her discomfort and anxiety. 'Nomansland' grew entirely on motives of self-exploration and positions itself as the polar opposite of glossy, pseudo-erotic nude imagery, by portraying the 'anti'-aesthetic rawness of personality and character.

Through time Tobias got to collaborate with a variety of people who felt that this style of photography allowed them to discover new aspects about their own self-awareness and mental health whilst becoming more confident about themselves. Throughout these collaborations the project's title 'Nomansland' was set to represent a hypothetical place or mind-set through which one can free oneself of stereotypes and prejudice.


Tobias Ahlbrecht is a German photographer who's work primarily focuses on motives of self exploration and awareness. Through the use of both confrontational imagery and analogue experimentation with the medium of photography, Tobias not only encourages the people he takes photographs with, but also the viewer themselves to (re-)discover and question aspects about themselves. Tobias previously exhibited his images in Germany, England, Greece, China and Vietnam.

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