Make Your Mark at the Golden Axe Throw Club - Bangkok’s Only Axe Throwing Sports Club

Posted on 18 Apr, 2019

Aiming to hit the bull’s-eye is like living a life with purpose. How? I mean, every single person has their own goals to achieve in life. Many want to become a millionaire and travel the world while some just want to find that one true love or adopt a dog. Whatever your ‘purpose’ in life may be, BangkokHapswould like to take you on another quest – hitting the targets at Golden Axe Throw Club!

“Actually, the art of throwing a Tomahawk (axe-like weapon with a wooden handle) has been here for centuries, originating in North America and remaining a popular past time in Canada”* said Siriruk (Aom) Nelson, wife of the Golden Axe Throw Club’s owner. The art of throwing a Tomahawk is considered a sport for a lot of Canadian, American and British folk during their leisure time. Some even participate in competitive axe throwing tournaments. In Thailand, throwing a Tomahawk isn’t so common (yet!) – Though, if anyone is interested, the rules are super easy to learn and all we need is an axe and a target.

The target itself is made of wood, carved into a circular shape. The rules are like that of throwing darts; the closer towards the innermost circle the dart hits, the higher the score. Of course, how you ‘throw’ an axe is slightly different. You need to hold the axe over your head, keep the blade straight and lean back before you bring the axe to the front with both of your arms extended forward. Confusing? Then just imagine you’re holding a soccer ball over your head and doing a throw-in. Easy-peasy. Here, the game consists of 3 sessions with 12 rounds each! Honestly, you gotta be The Hulk if you’re not out of energy by session 3! And no worries, if you need someone to help count the scores for you, Aom and her husband are more than happy to assist you (and perhaps, give you the moral support you need!).

Though, if you are more of a V (from V for Vendetta movie) kinda person, they also have a ‘knife throwing’ game (how cute!) at the same location. Same rule, same concept. But mind you, just because a knife is smaller than a Tomahawk does not mean it will be easier. In fact, you might even need more energy to hit the target with a knife since it is a lot less heavy. But hey, I am not one to judge! 

Now at this point you may say, “Okay, I’m hooked. But how much am I paying to get my arms fatigued in this fashion?’ – well, the cost is 500THB per hour and that gives you all the privileges to throw anything you want and anywhere you want (except, maybe not on the glass door). The idea of Golden Axe Throw Club is to create a hang-out spot for different groups of people, kids and adults, who have the passion or motivation to ‘hit the target’ together! 

And if this art of throwing a Tomahawk turns out to be one of your jams, well, Golden Axe Throw Club offers you an opportunity to design and craft your own personalized axe, the one and only at just 5000THB. Mind you, this is not something printed out of the factory but it will be a memorable experience for you to get to learn from the very basic steps of how to craft an axe by hand. On that note, pack yourselves up and get ready for some fun arm exercise!

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