Jean-Sebastien Simonoviez live at FooJohn in Bangkok

Posted on 14 Jan, 2019


Growing up in Paris with the sax in my hand contributed to my everlasting passion for music and art, with life's many phases taking me from jazz to reggae to classical to punk, ska, rock, and French music. This passion led me to FooJohn last Saturday, a place where 3 offerings, 3 interiors, and 3 atmospheres coexist in one quirky, retro building nestled in Old Town Bangkok/Bangkok's creative district.

Art fans will love the hidden, unnamed bar on the 2nd floor, which is decked out in wall paintings. My drink and I watched a majestic Jean-Seb delivering a flamboyant performance of jazz standards and some French classics. His weapon/instrument of choice is the piano but he also plays the trumpet in his right hand. Every now and then he sings--very Frenchly--giving us a duet in one. That night, he was supported by Renato Bonito on the drums and Alexander Sergeenko on the bass.


As we enjoyed the music, our friend Chinda Soichi from Japan entered the bar, brought out his horn and added a bop edge to this wonderful session with his alto saxophone. From the back of the room, Jakob Dinesen began to intertwine a melodic and counter rhythmic pulse from his tenor saxophone and off they went!

For those of you who missed the performance, treat your senses to this snippet of the fantastic night we had at FooJohn here:



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